3 Common Washing Machine Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Your washing machine is the device that makes it possible for you and your family to have freshly clean clothes week in, week out. When things go wrong, the dirty laundry piles up quickly, and things start approaching a crisis situation.

A washing machine is a complex feat of engineering, and repairing one is not always a simple task.
However, once you understand a little bit about the structure of the appliance, you’ll be well prepared to spot particular problems and prolong the life of your machine. Before calling in an expert, here are three common problems encountered with the washing machine:

1. The machine stalls at the same step of every cycle
Consistently stalling at the same point in the cycle is a sign of a damaged component. The solution lies in deducing which part of the cycle isn’t happening. For example, if a machine fails to energise, the issue is likely to be a problem with the heater.

2. The machine isn’t spinning

This is one of the most common major problems which occur with domestic washing machines. Fortunately, non-spinning is usually fairly easy to fix.

The first question to consider is: are you using loads that are too small? Modern washing machines are able to detect the weight of the drum’s contents, and won’t spin if they aren’t loaded adequately – this is to stop the machine spinning out of control and damaging itself. Try increasing the washing load size, and see if the thing starts spinning. The same thing can happen with loads that are too large, so try to adjust your load before calling a service.

The other main cause of non-spinning is problems with the pump. To fix pump issues, you or a technician will need to disassemble the machine and inspect the pump, possibly replacing the carbon brushes that form part of the motor. This is only recommended if you have experience disassembling and reassembling appliances.

My Machine Has Become Noisy
There are a few possible causes of an increase in noisiness. It may be due to a physical object stuck in the drum, such as a coin or button that’s rattling around. You can usually remove it by detaching the drum panels.

Another potential cause of noise is an object stuck in the drain pump. To determine if this is the case, you’ll need to check the filter.

Dislodged or faulty bearings can also cause a noisy drum. Try turning the drum manually – if there is a dull ‘clinking’ noise, then bearings may well be the culprit. It might be worth enlisting the help of a technician to replace them.

Although these are common problems, there are many others that can crop up. Washing machine repair takes some detective work to isolate the problem, and skill with the correct process to fix the issue.

If you are still experiencing problems with your machine after attempts to fix your appliance, call the experts at Matic Service on (02) 9709 6188.