3 Signs That Your Dryer Needs to be Fixed

Broken dryers can be an inconvenience, particularly during rainy periods or if your building doesn’t allow for outside hanging of clothes. Sometimes, drying racks just won’t cut it, especially if you have an important meeting coming up and need your clothes dried fast.

If you know what to look for, you can spot your dryer’s problems quickly and save time getting it fixed. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems people report:

1. The dryer is overheating, burning clothes or not heating at all

Heating problems commonly stem from a clogged vent. When your vent is clogged, hot air can’t escape, and your dryer can overheat and even emit a burning smell. Some dryers can detect when the temperature gets too high, and will shut down the heating element as a safety precaution.

Check your vent by simply unscrewing the vent from the dryer, cleaning it out and trying the dryer again. Other common causes include a broken heating element or thermostat, in which case they will have to be replaced. You may also want to read our earlier post on overheating dryers for further information.

2. The dryer is leaking water

The most common cause of leaking water is condensation. In this case, the moist air is not escaping properly, most likely due to a build-up of lint. Check to see if the vent is clear of lint. You may even want to disconnect the vent pipe from the dryer and make sure that it is also free from lint.

A less common, but more serious cause of leaking is a hole in the internal ducting. In that case, it is highly recommended having your dryer seen to by a professional service technician.

3. The dryer is not spinning

The number one most common cause of spinning problems is a broken belt. It is a fairly simple procedure to fix a broken belt, but unless you are mechanically-minded, it is best to leave it to a professional.

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