3 Things to Think About When Purchasing a High-Efficiency Appliance

High-Efficiency appliances (also known as “HE”) are a top choice for those who are interested in a faster, quicker and more efficient method to clean their clothes. This appliance is safer for the environment in many ways, helps the consumer to save money and tends to last longer than standard machines, also requiring less maintenance over its life span.

However, although the Eco-friendly machines are a much wiser investment overall for any homeowner, there are a few issues to think about first. Depending on your lifestyle, budget and personal preference, owning an HE washing machine may not be the best choice for your family. Here we compare the pros and cons

1. They Use Less Water

Pros: HE machines use significantly less water to clean your clothes than other machines. This means a lower water bill and less wear on the fibers in your clothes, which come out of the washing machine much drier due to its powerful spin motor and with less color-fading. Drier clothes means less time for the dryer and less costs on your energy utility bill.

Cons: It can take longer for a standard cycle to finish.

2. You Have to Use Less Product

Pros: Using less water helps the environment because it helps to conserve water, but these machines also use less detergent, which means less of an impact on the environment. Using less detergent helps you save money because you don’t have to purchase it as often.

Cons: No real cons to this! Only that using less product is hard for some people who are accustomed to using two to three capfuls or more per wash cycle in standard machines.

3. You Have to Wash Large Loads

Pros: They perform better when they are filled up and will clean the clothes much better. This is a great benefit if you frequently have large laundry loads to clean. And because you’re washing larger loads, you won’t have to wash as often.

Cons: Small laundry loads are not recommended in these machines. In a busy household, that means you can’t wash school clothes, uniforms, bedding and other laundry items as frequently as you’d like. Small loads cause the unit to become unbalanced and may possibly leave more water on the clothes and in the machine.

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