5 Signs You Need a New Fridge


If your refrigerator is not functioning as it should, you might be confronted with the question: fridge repair or complete model replacement? Older, faulty, or less efficient refrigerators could be responsible for increased energy bills and food that spoils well before it should. Read on to find out when it might be time to service your appliance or make a new purchase.

1. The Compressor Motor Runs Non-Stop

If your fridge generates a lot of heat or you notice the motor is constantly running, you may want to consider replacing the model. Compressor motors contain a thermostat-controlled on/off switch that maintains a regular temperature inside the unit without using unnecessary energy. If the motor is faulty, it may be costly to repair. If the fridge is quite old, it may be worthwhile purchasing a new fridge.

2. Cooling Problems

Fridges should cool to 3-5 degrees Celsius. If there are temperature fluctuations inside, this could cause your food to spoil. It is especially important in warmer Sydney climates that your groceries are cooled safely.Also, look for moisture and condensation inside the fridge’s door frame: a sign of a poor sealing system. Any of these problems will make your motor work harder and increase your energy costs. This is an issue that can be repaired, saving you money in the long run.

3. Energy Star Ratings

Energy star ratings have come a long way since they were introduced in the 1990’s in Australia. They are frequently updated, most recently in 2010, to allow for improvements in energy efficiency and technology. If your fridge’s energy star rating is poor, or if the model lacks an energy star rating altogether, an upgrade to an energy efficient model could save you hundreds or thousands of dollarsin utility costs over time.

4. Are Your Still Defrosting Manually?

If your fridge requires manual defrosting, it also requires regular maintenance. A build-up of frost and ice forces the unit to work harder. Newer frost-free fridges stop frost and ice from building up inside the unit, saving you valuable time and money.

5. Repairs are Too Costly

Older model fridges use parts that may be discontinued or hard to source when replacement is necessary. If the repair costs exceed 50% of the price of a new model, you may wish to think twice about repairing your fridge. A fridge repairs specialist should be able to give you sound advice.

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