6 Quick Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher Running Smoothly

In many modern-day homes, the dishwasher is probably one of the most frequently used appliances. It not only offers us convenience in keeping the kitchen orderly and clean, but it also gives us more time to get other important things done by doing the job for us.

That is why it is important to keep your dishwasher in optimal running condition. And the great thing is that it does not take a lot of time or money to keep your dishwasher running smoothly. If you make sure the dishwasher is kept clean and runs efficiently, you’re sure to enjoy the appliance for many years to come. Here are 6 quick tips that you can do daily or weekly to extend the life of the dishwasher and keep your repairs to a minimum:

1. Remove excess food.

Avoid clogging the dishwasher traps by scraping foods from your dishes before you load the machine. This cuts down on potential problems but it also ensures that your dishes will get cleaner without residual problems.

2. Load the dishwasher correctly

Don’t block the arm sprayers when you stack the dishwasher. That means no stacking big, bulky items that don’t fit comfortably into the machine. In some cases, it’s preferable to wash these large items by hand.

3. Prep the water

The dishwasher uses really hot water to clean the dishes. Prep the dishwasher first by running the faucet in the sink and letting the water get hot to the touch. The same pipe provides water to the faucet and the dishwasher. But, if you let the faucet water run hot first, that cuts down on the work that your dishwasher has to do to get the water hot for the wash cycle.

4. Use the correct cycle

Speaking of wash cycles, always use the correct cycle according to the dishes you’re cleaning. You should always aim to use a shorter, lighter setting if possible so as to save water and time, but don’t sacrifice this for dirty dishes. Using the same cycle for all loads, or using a cycle that doesn’t match the load can cause premature machine wear and can also minimise its performance over time.

5. Perform a once-a-month clean

About once a month or so, run your dishwasher on empty with about 1 cup of white vinegar. This cleans the machine of any old food particles, gets rid of white and chalky residue and is especially effective for places that have problems with hard water stains.


6. Clean the dishwasher

Make it a point to check the dishwasher traps frequently for lodged food particles or anything that has become stuck. If things are stuck, the machine is unable to perform properly and could even cause further damage if left too long.

These quick tips can be done on a daily or weekly basis, simply according to what works best for your lifestyle. They only take a few minutes of your time, but the reward is a machine that performs well at all times.

Experiencing problems with your dishwasher?

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