A Quick Guide to Cleaning the Washing Machine


Every now and then, you might notice detergent or soap-scum accumulating inside your washing machine. Additionally, leftover hair and lint from clothes can build up in the pipes or behind the drum. This could leave an unpleasant odour in the machine or marks on your clothing. Occasional cleaning maintenance will leave your machine fresh and efficient, and may eliminate the need for washing machine repairs later down the track.



You could use a commercial washing machine cleaning agent such as Washing Machine Magic, Scalex Plus, or Gamma Clean. If your machine has a special cleaning setting, you could also use bleach. Alternatively, natural solutions include a combination of white vinegar and baking soda.

Removing Hair and Lint Particles from the Drum

If you have long hair or there are pets and children in the household, your machine may get clogged up with hair inside the drum over time. Before you start cleaning the machine with water, you can remove any excess hair, dust, or lint with your regular vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the Inside of the Machine

Whether you decide to use a commercial washing machine cleaner or a natural solution, pour the solution into the machine and run a full capacity load of water on the hottest possible setting. Allow at least an hour for the solution to soak and let the machine agitate as usual.  Once the load has drained, run a normal load with water to rinse out your machine before you wash clothes again, and leave the lid open to dry everything thoroughly.

Cleaning Removable Parts

Removable parts include the fabric softener well and the bleach compartment. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub off soapy residue and a damp cloth to wipe off grime. Wipe under the lid, around the tub’s rim, and in any other hard-to-reach places. Let any removable parts dry before returning them to the machine.

The Exterior

Using a damp cloth, clean the outside of the machine, wiping up any spills as you go. Avoid using abrasive cleaning solvent for this purpose, and make sure the cloth is soft to avoid surface damage.

If your washing machine is leaving marks on your clothing and a good clean doesn’t help, you might need to consider appliance repairs. Feel free to contact the Sydney washing machine repairs experts at Matic Service by calling(02) 9709 6188.