All About Dishwasher Spots and Film

No one wants to have to re-wash their dishes when they emerge from the dishwasher, but you may feel tempted to if you unload and find spots or a film all over your glassware. Water spots and that unsightly hazy film are one of the biggest dishwasher headaches, but often, they are preventable.

To get rid of spots and film forever, you must start by determining the root of the problem. The next time you have a glass with spots or film on your hands, soak it in a bowl full of plain white vinegar for 15 minutes.

If the treatment eliminates the spots, then your problem is likely caused by what you’re putting in your dishwasher rather than the dishwasher itself. Take care of the problem by trying the following tricks:

- Start using a rinse additive in your dishwasher. These products help your dishwasher form full sheets of water during rinsing, which allows for the fullest rinse possible.

- Use only the recommended amount of dishwasher detergent. Follow the instructions carefully as adding too much soap is often a cause of spots.

- Avoid overcrowding. While filling the dishwasher to its maximum capacity is time-saving, if you put more than the recommended number of place settings in the dishwasher, you’re likely to experience poor rinsing.

If the vinegar treatment does not remove the spots, your dishwasher is more likely the cause of your problems. In these instances, you won’t be able to eliminate the spots and film that has already developed on your glassware, but you can protect your other glasses or keep the problem from worsening.

Often, permanent discoloration from the dishwasher is due to excessively hot temperatures. You can try to fix the problem by not using the highest temperature setting on your dishwasher, but in some cases, faulty or worn-out parts cause the temperature to become too high. During a service appointment, we can determine if the permanent etching is due to a problem with the appliance. Contact Matic Service today to set up an appointment.