All About the Dryer Door Switch

One of the most important safety devices on your dryer is the door safety switch. This switch is designed to keep the dryer from operating when the door is open. It serves a protective function to keep children and pets from starting the dryer if they are partway inside and also prevents you from running the dryer if it is so full that the door cannot completely close.

The dryer door switch is a quick way to recognise any problems that can prevent the safe operation of your dryer. Indications that your dryer may require service include:

  • If the buttons or pegs on the dryer switch will not push in. All dryer switches have one or two buttons or pegs which get pushed in when the dryer door is closed, and extend back into place when the door is opened again. If you cannot push these in, you will not be able to get your dryer to run. This is one of the most common causes of dryer failure. Your first point of call to address the problem is to open the door and check the switch – see if the pins will push in or if they are struck. If they cannot be pushed in, we recommend you schedule a service to allow an expert to inspect your machine.
  • When the buttons or pegs of the dryer switch become stuck in a pushed-in position.This is problematic, because your dryer will run regardless of whether or not the door is open. Always be sure to look at the dryer switch when you open the door to remove your laundry or to put laundry inside. Check that the buttons or pegs are popped out before operating the dryer. If they are stuck, call our experts on 9709 6188 to address the issue immediately.
  • Dryer is not working at all. Sometimes, the dryer switch itself is operating fine, but a fuse or wire that supplies it power may be bad. This is difficult to test yourself without the use of a voltage meter. A professional appliance repair technician will be able to do the testing for you.

If you are experiencing any problems with your dryer’s door switch, contact Matic Service today. Our technicians are experts at performing dryer repairs on all major brands and models of clothes dryers.