Why is My Microwave Sparking?

Have you noticed sparks arcing from within the microwave’s main unit? Do you hear a sparking sound when the microwave is heating? The problem could be that an object in your microwave is working as an electrical conductor. Metal objects such as forks, aluminium foil, or metal-plated dishes are usually the source of sparking and should be removed immediately.

The Effects of Metal Objects in the Microwave

Metal objects are electrical conductors: they can concentrate the field of electricity in the microwave and create sparks that could turn into fires. Pieces of cutlery are not the only common culprits: plates with gold or silver linings, aluminium foil, twist ties, food containers with metal handles, and recycled paper products such as paper towels also contain metals.

Smooth metal objects such as spoons or metal pans are less likely to work as conductors and create sparks. Objects that are sharply pointed or jagged, such as forks and crumpled aluminium foil, invite electrical sparking.

Wire Rotating Racks

Why do some metal objects create sparks and not the microwave’s rotating wire rack itself? This is because microwave wire racks are designed not to be conductive. The rotating rack is specially formed into a shape that does not facilitate the conduction of energy, and is, therefore, safe to use in your microwave.

When There Is No Visible Metal in my Microwave

If your microwave is still sparking and there are no visible metal objects inside, contact an appliance repairs specialist or the manufacturer. There could be a much more complex problem with your microwave mechanisms. For safety reasons, unplug the power and discontinue use.

If you would like an appliance repairs specialist to check that your microwave is in good working order, don’t hesitate to contact Matic Service. The team of repair specialists at Matic Service operate within the Sydney metro and inner-west suburbs. Phone (02) 9709 6188 to speak to a qualified professional.