Appliances can also ruin your day!

There’s nothing that can ruin your day as effectively as a broken household appliance. After all, on any given day you probably have a thousand and one things to do. The last thing you need is the unwelcome news that your oven, stove, washer, dryer or fridge has decided to stop working.

When one of your appliances goes on the fritz, you immediately start worrying about not being able to have clean or dry clothes for work, about the food in your fridge going off, about the ice in your freezer melting and leaking all over the place, or about how you’re going to feed yourself and your family without an oven. No matter what appliance gives out on you, all you’ll be hoping is that you can get it fixed or replaced quickly and cheaply, before the situation escalates from “inconvenient” to “life-ruining”.

If you ever find yourself in this kind of predicament, you’ll be glad to know that the team at Matic Service is here to help. We have extensive experience in all kinds of appliance repairs, and above all, we know that the key to a happy and relieved customer is to get in and solve the problem of faulty appliances fast.

Matic Service has been on the appliance repairs business for more than 45 years. Fixing up range hoods, washers, cooktops, stoves, fridge, dishwashers, ovens, and dryers is what we do best. And if we can’t fix up your appliance on the same day that you call us in, then we will provide you with a replacement appliance to keep you going during the interim. However, in most cases, our access to factory made replacement parts and our years of expertise will mean that your appliance gets repaired on site and on time.

Don’t let malfunctioning appliances put your business on hold or your household chores in chaos. Let the friendly team at Matic Service help to get you back on track!