Benefits of a Lighted Rangehood

Lighted rangehoods are incredibly popular choices for kitchens of all sizes; however, few people actually realize all of the benefits that come with having a light in their rangehood. For many homeowners, having a light is simply preferable, even if they don’t fully think about the reasons why. If you’re considering replacing or upgrading your rangehood, here are the five biggest benefits to purchasing a model with built-in lighting.

  • Better Cooking Results – The colour of food is one of the biggest indications as to whether it’s not finished cooking, perfectly done or beginning to become overcooked. While the human eye can see colour in low light, the structures in the eyes responsible for dark vision are not as sensitive to variations in colour. As a result, if you cook without an overhead light, you may not pick up on the subtle colour cues that signal that your dish is ready for serving.
  • Improved Safety – Being able to see your stovetop more clearly eliminates the likelihood of accidents, such as burns from brushing against a hot burner. In addition, the improved visibility may help you spot fire hazards more easily and quickly.
  • Reduced Eye Strain – If you’re a home chef who likes to place a cookbook or a tablet computer beside the stove to refer to as you cook, an overhead light will make it easier to read. This reduces the likelihood of developing tired eyes or eyestrain.
  • More Hygienic Stovetop – When you light up your stovetop, you’re liable to spot dirt and baked on food that is not as noticeable in lower lighting conditions. Since you can’t effectively remove grime that you can’t see, the addition of a light in a rangehood can lead to a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen.
  • Easier Maintenance – While a professional appliance repair company like Matic Service can service a stove in all types of conditions, if you need to perform any maintenance on your own, having an overhead light at the stovetop will make the task much easier.

Typically, lighted rangehoods do not require much more additional maintenance than non-lighted models apart from changing the bulbs when they burn out; however, if you need assistance with your lighted rangehood, you can count on Matic Service to assist you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.