Cardinal Rules of Smooth Cooktops

There’s nothing quite like the style of a smooth cooktop, and that sleek, clean look is what makes these ranges continue to grow in popularity for use in new homes and in kitchen remodelling projects. If you’re considering a new smooth cooktop or recently had one installed, it’s important to understand that the range’s unique design leads to some unique challenges in terms of care.

To ensure that your smooth cooktop remains in good condition, follow these rules when cooking and cleaning:

  • Never use cookware with a rough bottom on a smooth cooktop. This includes cast iron and stoneware as well as ceramics with unfinished bottoms.
  • Avoid the use of pots and pans with rounded bottoms. Without a flat bottom, a piece of cookware will not sit flat on the smooth cooktop and can lead to scratches, spills and poorly cooked food.
  • Don’t clean a smooth cooktop with a scrub brush or an abrasive cleaner. Instead, use a mild soap with a cloth or sponge.
  • Clean up spills quickly and never put a piece of cookware with a dirty bottom onto a smooth cooktop. Also, don’t use the cooktop as a spoon rest. Instead, keep a dish nearby for storing your stirrer when it’s not in use.

If you have accidentally broken one of our cardinal rules for smooth cooktops and need stove repairs as a result, give Matic Service a call today. We offer affordable repair rates and will get your stove looking as good as new in no time.