Caring for an LCD Display on a Washing Machine or Dryer

Many of the latest washing machine and dryer models are outfitted with new LCD displays, which feature electronic buttons or touch screens. These state-of-the-art displays greatly simplify selecting wash and dry programmes and monitoring the progress of the wash cycles, but they also introduce extra parts that can break and require dryer and washing machine repairs.

By following some simple tips, you can help protect the LCD display and keep your washer or dryer in good working order.

- Be careful about how you press the buttons. When you touch an electronic button on an LCD display, use the fleshy pad on the tip of your finger, not your fingernail. Ladies with long nails who don’t watch how they press can damage the buttons with repeated use.

- Oils from your skin, dust and debris can quickly accumulate on LCD displays. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the LCD display when you’ve finished using it for the day. If you have a touch screen, consider purchasing a microfiber cleaning cloth designed for cellular phones or tablet computers for cleaning.

- Once per month, use a warm, wet cloth and soap to give the LCD display a thorough cleaning. Choose a dish soap or a similar mild formula.

- Never use solvents, methylated spirits or scouring scrubs on the LCD display.

- If liquids become spilled on the display, quickly wipe up the mess with a wet cloth. This is true even of laundry soaps and fabric softeners; never allow any spills to remain on the LCD control pad.

- Never write on or paint your LCD display. Sometimes, the numbers and markings on the display can become worn and difficult to see. In such cases, it’s better to have the buttons replaced than to try and re-mark them yourself.

If troubles with your LCD control panel arise, contact us here at Matic Service for assistance. We have experience working with sophisticated controls and can make repairs on all types of models.