Cleaning Your Oven

It’s the type of household task that you tend to put off as long as possible. Unfortunately, months of baking and roasting without regularly cleaning your oven will leave a thick layer of black grease inside.  Residue left over from previous meals may char when you next use the oven, leaving an unpleasant smoky smell in the air that also permeates your food. Keeping your oven in a clean condition will improve its performance and efficiency, and it will make you feel better too! Whether it’s necessary for your upcoming rental inspection, or you’ve got important guests on the way, here are some tips and tricks for giving your oven a thorough clean.

Different types of ovens may require slightly different cleaning processes

You can use a professional oven cleaning agent, warm soapy water, or a slightly more abrasive homemade solution consisting of baking soda, ammonia, dishwashing liquid, and hot water. If you decide to use a commercial oven cleaner, read the directions on the bottle carefully before applying to any surfaces.

Cleaning Gas Ovens

Gas ovens collect more grease at the bottom, and many ovens contain a handy panel and screw system designed for taking out the heating element. Once you’ve removed it you can inspect and clean the gas burner. Check for clogged holes by turning the oven on to see whether the flame burns continuously along the burner. Clogged holes can be cleared out with a wire coat hanger or a piece of thin wire.

Cleaning Electric Ovens

Electric ovens generally contain two elements for heating, one up top and one below. Some models may have removable doors, and others will contain an extra panel with hinges allowing you to lift up the lower heating element and reach the oven’s floor. Baking racks and trays should be removed and cleaned separately.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Self-cleaning ovens are often made of porcelain, which may be damaged when cleaned with commercial oven cleaning products. They use a high heat setting to turn any food crumbs or spillages into carbon, which combusts, leaving only an ash residue behind. The residue can be easily removed with a damp cloth, sponge, or paper towel.

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