Common Causes of a Squeaky Dryer

Washday can be tedious, particularly if you have a large family or have put off laundry for a while and have many loads to get through as a result. The last thing you want when you’re already weary of washing is to be stuck listening to the sound of your dryer squeaking and chirping. Unfortunately, squeakiness is one of the most common problems that plague dryers, particularly as they get older.

If you’re hearing a squeak when the dryer is engaged, there could be a number of problems with the appliance, including:

  • Worn drive belt. The drive belt allows the drum inside of your dryer to turn. Over time, it can become dry and brittle and begin to suffer wear and tear, resulting in that annoying squeak.
  • Worn or loose rollers. In most dryer models, rollers are used to tighten the drive belt and keep the drum in place. If these become loose or worn, they can squeak as they turn.
  • Worn bearings. The final common cause of dryer squeak is worn bearings in the motor.

The good news about a squeaky dryer is that all three of the most common causes are usually very easy to troubleshoot. In addition, the problems are generally inexpensive and simple to repair. To find the cause of your dryer squeak and eliminate it once and for all, contact us at Matic Service. We’ll be glad to come out and give your dryer a check-up to see what’s wrong and then quickly make the necessary repairs.