Diagnosing Washing Machine Failures

Matic Service has over 45 years’ of experience in the appliance repair industry and is one of the leading washing machine repair and service companies in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Matic Service is your one stop shop for washing machine repairs. With Electricians, factory trained technicians and plumbers; we’ll have your washer up and running in no time at all.

Washing machine faults can be difficult to diagnose. But with decades of combine knowledge we can repair your washing machine, in your home, FAST! Whether you have a top loader, front loader, whether it is a Miele, Bosch, Ariston, Hoover, Simpson; whether ancient or brand new, if it is leaking, making strange noises or simply not going at all – contact us for prompt, reliable and efficient service.

Common washing machine faults are:

  • Wont start
  • problems with the spin cycle
  • no water coming into washing machine
  • leaking or will not drain
  • clothes are not cleaning properly
  • noisy and makes a rattling sound
  • emitting burning smell

Before you book in a call, it may be worth conducting a few easy checks. Make sure you are using the correct detergent. Make sure if you have a front loader washer that you have checked the filter. Are the taps turned on? Is the power point working?

If the Door won’t open on front load washing machine…

Check to see if the water has drained out if not it could be that the outlet hose is blocked.

Check the hose for any blockages and if possible siphon the water out.

If there is no water in the appliance, turn the appliance off at the wall, sometimes this will release the door lock.

Usually the main reason for this faulty is there may be a blockage in the drain pump.

If your machine still won’t open, call Matic ~ 9709 6188 or use our online booking form & we’ll contact you.

Should I have my Washing Machine Serviced?

We recommend you have your Washing Machine serviced and an electrical safety check every 2 years to keep it in good working order.

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