Do You Need to Use Dryer Sheets?

When we visit homes to perform service calls on dryers, homeowners often ask us their burning questions about their appliances. One question that we frequently receive is whether or not a dryer sheet is really necessary.

It’s easy to understand why people would want to cut out dryer sheets to save money or reduce the amount of waste that their family produces. The truth is, you can go without dryer sheets without harming your dryer.

Dryer sheets don’t affect the performance of your dryer in any way. Their purpose is to soften the feel of your clothing and to eliminate static. In other words, it’s purely a matter of preference whether or not you use the sheets.

Some people find that using fabric softener in the washer is enough to get their clothes softened and fight static. Others prefer to use both dryer sheets and fabric softener. You may find that dryer sheets are necessary for some items, such as clothing made of synthetic fabrics or towels and bedding.

If you do not use dryer sheets and are experiencing poor performance from your dryer, such as clothes not being dry at the end of a load, the lack of dryer sheets is not likely to blame. Give us a call to come out and give your dryer a check-up. There is likely a mechanical cause to the problem that we can find and repair.