Don’t have your washing machine quit on you!

There is nothing more frustrating than your household appliances breaking down when you need them the most. Take your washing machine, for example – if it decides to quit on you on the day before a big business meeting or special event, you could end up in a pretty serious predicament!

For same-day washing machine repairs you can count on, Matic Service delivers with a smile. We have repaired thousands of malfunctioning washing machines over the years, and we know the importance of doing a job correctly and quickly. With our help you’ll have your washing machine fixed up in no time.

In most cases, we can repair your washing machine in your home and in a single visit. However, sometimes we discover that a washing machine has suffered extensive damage, and we may need to haul it off for some special treatment, or wait a short time for special parts to be shipped in so we can complete the repair job. Or, we may advise that the cost of repair is not worth it, and help you to find a new and better model for your needs.

But don’t worry, if we can’t fix your washing machine straight away or think it would be more cost-effective if we didn’t fix it at all, then we can arrange to loan you a replacement model to keep your household running smoothly. After all, who wants to walk around wearing dirty clothes? Not us, and certainly not you!

You always can trust the friendly, professional team at Matic Service to give you the right advice, first-class washing machine repairs, and courteous service. We have 45 years of experience in providing top quality service to our clients in and around the Sydney area. So if you ever find yourself in need of an emergency repair job, you’ll know who to call.