Four Signs That You Need a New Washing Machine

Shopping for a new washing machine is not something that anyone wants to do; however, replacing your washer when it’s beginning to show signs of age is important if you want to avoid the hassle and stress of a sudden breakdown. Often, the signs that your washing machine is wearing out are subtle, making them difficult to spot. This list of signs that you need a new washing machine can help you spot problems early.

1. New or louder noises. Older washing machines are often somewhat noisy, but if you suddenly hear a new sound coming from your washer or the noise is louder than it ever was before, there’s likely a problem that needs investigating.

2. Excessive vibrations. If your washing machine is starting to shake more than before, there could be a problem with the drum. Keep in mind that if you have not properly balanced your load within the washer, you could notice more shaking than usual, so be on the lookout for consistent shaking and vibrating that occurs with every load.

3. Water in the drum. As washing machines begin to wear out, they may not adequately drain, resulting in a pool of water remaining at the bottom of the machine.

4. Leaks. If the door around your front-loading washing machine is starting to leak, its seals may be worn out. Water on the floor of a top-loading machine could indicate a problem with the hoses, tub or pump.

In some cases, the warning signs described above can be caused by a bad part or the need for routine maintenance. Before you start shopping for a new washing machine, give us a call at Matic Service. With a quick inspection, we can let you know if it’s more cost effective to replace or repair a part or simply replace your washer.