How to Avoid a Domestic Crisis

It’s amazing how annoying having broken appliances can be. Dishes don’t get washed, meals can’t be cooked, frozen foods melt and clothes stay dirty. If you’re already busy, this annoyance can become a domestic crisis. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. The technical wizards at Matic Service specialise in appliance repairs and we’ve done this for more than 45 years.

There is virtually no fridge, washer, stove, cooktop, oven, dryer, range hood or dishwasher with which we have not successfully wrestled and come out the victor! Plus, since we have built our reputation on reliable appliance repairs, we have access to a massive quantity of spare parts. Therefore, your wait time for most parts, that are necessary for repairs, is minimal.

A Different Kind of Attitude
With this technical expertise comes a different kind of attitude. We are committed to excellent service, delivered in a timely and courteous manner. This means that appliance repairs for both homes and businesses are efficiently completed during regular business hours. If your schedule precludes this time frame, Matic Service can assist you with later service calls. You need only to ask. We’ve built our business on service and we take immense pride on both our appliance repairs and the number of repeat customers that we have earned.

This “service first” attitude is also evident in our recommendations about whether or not to repair the ailing appliance. While Matic Service can repair any appliance, it is sometimes in the best interest of the customer to let that old warhorse of an appliance go to pasture. If it is more economically feasible to replace that worn out appliance, we have longtime relationships with many reputable appliance companies and can assist you in purchasing what you need immediately. Plus, we can remove the unsalvageable appliance from your premises.

Don’t Wait, Call Now
Appliance repairs don’t have to become life-altering events – not when Matic Service can efficiently and economically handle them on your premises. Don’t put up with malfunctioning appliances. Simply click on CONTACT US or call us directly at (02) 9709 6188.