How To Avoid Oven Mishaps

No one likes a nasty surprise when they’re roasting, broiling or baking. Unfortunately, occasional kitchen mishaps like burned pizza crusts, overdone meats and cookies that are still raw in the middle can happen to the best of us. If your oven is constantly giving you nasty surprises, it could be an indication that there is a problem with the appliance or how you’re using it.

One of biggest mistakes that home chefs make when they’re using the oven is not placing their foods in the proper position. Most ovens offer three rack positions, and where you place your foods can make all the difference between a delicious meal or treat and a cooking disaster.

  • The middle rack position is where most foods should be placed as it provides the optimum amount of space between the heating element and the food. When in doubt, you should use the middle rack.
  • The upper rack is ideal for broiling, as it keeps meats and veggies closest to the overhead heat used for this cooking method. If you’re baking cookies and wish to use the upper rack to save time, make sure that you rotate the cookie sheets or baking pans halfway through the cooking time.
  • The lower rack is near the oven’s primary heating element and exposes your foods to the hottest temperatures. If you’re baking pizza crust or anything else that you want to come out slightly crispy on the bottom, the lower rack is best. When you must use the lower rack to accommodate a large roaster, turn your meat or veggies periodically to help ensure even cooking.

If using the proper rack positions in your oven doesn’t cut back on the frequency of unpleasant cooking surprises, give us a call at Matic Service. Problems with the thermostat or other parts could be to blame, and we can quickly determine if oven repairs are necessary with a quick checkup.