How to Choose a Fridge Repair Service

When your refrigerator is broken, time is of the essence, as it’s nearly impossible for your household to go without the vital appliance on a day-to-day basis. Hiring a fridge repair service is not something you do every day, and many people find that when the worst happens, they’re unsure of just how to find a service that they can trust. Fortunately, you can find the right refrigerator repair service just by following some easy steps.

1. Do your homework. Even though you need your refrigerator fixed as quickly as possible, the worst thing you can do is make a snap decision based on one ad in a phonebook or one fancy website. To find the very best refrigerator repair service in your area, you’ll need to invest some time in reading about companies. Conduct a general Internet search for repair services and search out sites that provide reader reviews about local companies. These reviews are usually based on the actual experiences of people like you who have hired repair technicians, but bear in mind that in some cases, companies or their competitors may create false reviews to help or hurt business. Reviews that seem too good to be true or completely negative should send up red flags. Don’t forget to ask people you know for referrals, too. Realtors are also good sources for appliance repair professionals, as many agencies keep lists of the most qualified in the area.

2. Make calls. You absolutely must telephone each company that you’re considering before choosing your refrigerator repair service provider. Don’t settle for simply reading their websites or the information in their print ads. When you call, keep the following in mind:

- Is the service friendly and professional on the phone?

- How much experience do the technicians employed by the service have?

- Does the service have experience repairing your brand of refrigerator?

- How much does the service cost? Will you have to pay on the same day as the repairs or is billing available? What methods of payment are accepted?

- How quickly can they get there? Do they keep common parts in stock to make repairs faster?

- Can they offer you references?

3. Take your time. Sometimes, the phone interviews will make which service is the best obvious, but when you find that there is more than one that seems promising, spend some time comparing the pros and cons of each. Keep speed, cost and experience in mind and feel free to call back and ask more questions if necessary.