How to Clean a Dishwasher

The idea of cleaning a dishwasher may seem a bit funny since you rely on this appliance to clean your dishes, but over time, dishwashers can accumulate a layer of grime of your dishes and even develop unpleasant odours. Giving your dishwasher a thorough cleaning can get it smelling fresh again and even get your dishes cleaner.

While there are commercial dishwasher cleaning products available on the market, you can get your appliance in great condition by just using items you normally have around the house. Here’s how:

1. Remove the racks and baskets from your dishwasher. If you’re having trouble figuring out how they come out, consult your owner’s manual.

2. If the arm, grate and filter are removable, take those out as well.

3. Fill your skin half full of warm water and add about 300 milliliters of white vinegar.

4. Clean the racks, baskets, arm, grate and filter in the vinegar solution. Use cotton swabs and an old toothbrush to scrub and remove dirt.

5. Rinse the parts thoroughly and dry them with a towel.

6. Use your toothbrush to scrub the drain area inside of the dishwasher. Make sure you remove any debris or hard chunks that have formed inside.

7. Fill the bottom of your empty dishwasher with 500 milliliters of white vinegar.

8. Close the door and run the dishwasher on its lowest setting.

9. Turn the dishwasher off halfway through the cycle.

10. Allow the vinegar to remain inside of the dishwasher overnight.

11. In the morning, turn the dishwasher back on and allow it to complete the cycle.

12. Open your dishwasher and wipe down the inside with paper towels or a dry rag.

13. Reassemble the pieces and enjoy your clean dishwasher.

If after cleaning, you notice that foul odours quickly return or that your dishwasher is still performing poorly, contact us here at Matic Service. There may be an underlying problem with your dishwasher, and we can diagnose it and perform the necessary repairs.