How to Clean Your Oven Without Using Chemicals

Cooking on a daily basis brings about its fair share of grease, splatters baked on foods and food stains inside and on top of all cook surfaces. No matter how careful the most precise cook is, there will be spills.

Cleaning up those spills and keeping a clean oven makes a big difference in the overall life of your kitchen equipment. Spills and food stains that sit on your appliance can create even more problems and make it harder to clean. Baked on foods can clog the ignite points on your stove. A clogged doorjamb with greasy foods and stains is a real problem and can sometimes cause the oven to malfunction, which can require a service call to correct.

Advantages of Natural Cleaning

You should clean your stove with natural solvents for best results as it does a more thorough job of cleaning and is easier on your hands and the environment. Not to mention also, the savings in costs of cleaning with natural solvents far outweighs the expense of buying chemicals, and natural solutions will do a better job.

Here are two cleaning ideas to try on your stove:

  1. Use a quarter of a cup of either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, mixed with hot water and a sponge to dissolve grease stains and clean without streaking. Put this solution in a spray bottle and keep it by the stove at all times, for a quick clean after each use.
  2. Clean the inside of your oven with a pasty mixture of baking soda and water, adjusting the mixture to make it pasty enough to apply to the inside of the stove without dripping. Remove the racks from the oven and while wearing gloves, wipe the solution across the entire interior. Let it harden overnight and then use a spatula the next morning to scrape the hardened solution off. Using the spray mixture you made in step one, go back and rinse any areas where the hardened paste didn’t come away, by  saturation and wiping down.

The key is to clean the oven after each and every use, no matter how much time was spent cooking or what was cooked. When the oven or stove is hot, it melts any baked on foods or grease stains that can fold and slide into the oven’s different nooks and crevices.

There are many solvents on the market that promise to clean your kitchen appliance with minimal effort. However, many of them do so because they contain harsh chemicals and abrasives that are harmful physically if they touch your skin and can also cause damage to the exterior portion of your appliance. Natural cleaning solutions clean without unpleasant smells, toxins or residue and are better for the overall life of your unit.