How to Fix a Squeaky Microwave

Microwaves are the ultimate in kitchen convenience, as they cut down on the cooking time required to defrost foods, reheat meals and perform tasks like boiling water. Your love of your microwave can become quickly overshadowed, however, if your kitchen is filled with a screeching noise every time you use it.

Squeaky microwaves are very common, and the problem occurs because of the turntable found in many models. Most often, that unpleasant squeak occurs when debris has accumulated in the microwave. When the surface of the microwave’s bottom is no longer smooth and clean, the wheels that help the turntable spin can scrape and get stuck as they move, producing that shrill squeak.

You can typically eliminate the problem by giving the bottom of your microwave a good cleaning by using the following method.

1. Remove the glass top from the turntable. Wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water and then allow it to dry.

2. Take out the plastic portion of the turntable. Soak it in hot soapy water for at least 15 minutes.

3. While the turntable is soaking, use a sponge to clean the bottom of the microwave. Be sure to give the track a good scrub and remove any built-up debris.

4. When the plastic turntable is finished soaking, wash it with a cloth. Then, use an old toothbrush or a dish brush to clean each of the wheels.

5. Dry the turntable and the inside of the microwave.

6. Reassemble the microwave and test it.

If the squeaking still persists after cleaning, contact our team at Matic Service. There may be a problem with the appliance causing the annoying sound, and we can quickly diagnose and repair it.