How to Fix a Walking Washing Machine

Here at Matic Service, we hear people describe the problems with their washing machines in a number of ways. One of the most common complaints that people have about washers is “walking.” While the idea of a walking washing machine may conjure some humorous images in your mind, the problem of a washing machine wiggling or sliding around on the floor is actually quite common. A walking washing machine can become quite noisy, and sometimes even scratch or damage the floor underneath, so it’s important to find a solution and cure your washer of its wandering ways.

Washing machines “walk” when they are not properly level. The first thing that you can do to try and fix a walking washer is push down on the front of the washing machine until the back legs lift off the floor. Then, gently place it back down on the floor. Most models have self-adjusting legs in the rear, and simply lifting them is often enough to correct any height issues.

If your washing machine continues to walk after you’ve lifted it, ensure that you’re properly balancing your load inside of the drum. Sometimes, excessive vibrations due to overfilling a washing machine with clothes or placing items incorrectly inside can lead to walking.

In instances where loading isn’t to blame, a damaged or uneven floor could also be at fault. The legs on your washer may also need professionally adjusted, or a faulty part may be causing your washer to vibrate or wiggle excessively. Call our team to come out and have a look, and we can diagnose the problem and make repairs as necessary.