How to Get a Bad Smell Out of a Microwave

There’s no denying that microwaves simplify cooking at home, but they can also present some unpleasant cleaning challenges. If you have microwave-cooked a strong-smelling food like fish or garlic or accidentally burned popcorn or another food inside, the plastic interior of your microwave can retain those odours.

No one wants to be assaulted with a pungent smell each time they open the microwave door, and fortunately there are some easy ways to eliminate odours from a microwave with natural or everyday products. Before you try any of the following techniques, make sure that you wipe out the interior of the microwave with a wet cloth and soapy water, as splatters and drips inside can contribute to odours.

Some of the best ways to get rid of smells in a microwave include:

  • Lemon water. You can transform a smelly microwave into a fruity, fresh clean one in just 3 minutes. Quarter four lemons and put them in a microwave-safe bowl full of water. Turn the microwave on high power and allow the lemon water to cook. This is the fastest way to tackle microwave doors, but it’s not always effective.
  • Boiling vinegar. If the lemon water trick doesn’t bring results, try microwaving a bowl of apple cider or white vinegar until it boils. Then, allow the bubbling vinegar to remain in the microwave for up to 8 hours with the door closed.
  • Rolled charcoal. In some cases, very severe odours may be able to withstand the vinegar treatment. For very persistent smells, you can try wrapping charcoal briquettes in newspaper and then stuffing the microwave until it’s full. Close the door and allow the microwave to sit for 48 hours.

Sometimes, problems with the microwave vents can lead to odour problems. If you find that microwave odours occur every time you cook, regardless of the recipe or meal, contact us here at Matic Service.