How to Properly Load Your Washing Machine

While a loud, shaky washer may be a sign that washing machine repairs will be a part of your future, sometimes these types of problems with your washer occur because of how you’re loading it. Often times, we receive calls from worried appliance owners whose problems come down to improperly balancing their washing machine or making one of the other common loading mistakes.

To help you determine if your washer woes are just a loading issue or something more serious, you may want to try washing a full load of laundry with the following tips in mind.

1. Start with a dry machine. Never start to fill the tub before putting in your laundry. Wet clothes take up less space in the drum and can cause you to inadvertently over-fill the washer.

2. Add your articles of clothing one at a time. Even though this is more time consuming, it will help ensure that everything is loose and able to freely move during laundering.

3. Place similar items in the same part of the tub. For example, add all of your t-shirts in one spot, your jeans in another, your underwear in another and so on. This helps to ensure you have the proper balance in the machine once it’s fully loaded.

4. Only fill the tub three-quarters of the way. In a top load model, you should still be able to see a few centimeters of the tub above the clothing. In a front load, ensure that there is some open space in front of the door.

5. Check the pockets on every item that you place in the washing machine. Even small items like bobby pins and pencils can throw off the balance and even damage your washer.

If you follow these tips and still have a noisy, shaky washer on your hands, you should have your appliance checked to see if it requires washing machine repairs. Contact us to set up your service appointment!