How to Reduce Static Cling in the Dryer

Dryer static can lead to embarrassing problems, such as walking out of the house with a sock stuck to the leg of your trousers. Static occurs when clothing rubs together in the dryer, building up negatively charged particles that make clothing stick together. If dryer static is occurring all too often in your home, follow these tips to reduce the cling.

  • Separate synthetics. Man-made fibers are typically the biggest culprits when it comes to the cling. While it’s fine to dry these partway in the dryer, take them out when they’re still slightly damp to cut down on static.
  • Soften things up. Using fabric softener in the washing machine can help reduce static. These products are designed to leave a thin coating behind on clothes. When they’re in the dryer, this coating helps to reduce friction and decreases the amount of static produced as a result.
  • Slip in a sheet. Dryer sheets can be used in place of fabric softener or in addition to it. The sheets function in largely the same way as the laundry liquid by leaving a thin coating on your clothes.
  • Have a ball. Putting a tennis ball in your dryer can help to shift clothing around inside of the drum. This will cut down on how much the clothing rubs together. There are also commercial dryer balls available that you can use in place of a dryer ball.

Normally, dryer static does not indicate that there is a problem with the dryer; however, if you’re concerned about the performance of your clothes dryer, Matic Service is available to assist you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.