Is it Safe to Wash Baby Clothes in the Washing Machine?

New parents are often bombarded with safety warnings: things like bottle sterilisation, baby-proofing the house, child car seat installation, and hygiene. With the large amounts of laundry that need to be washed on a regular basis in the family home, it’s reassuring to know that there are safe ways to wash baby clothes in the washing machine. Here are some handy tips to do it safely and efficiently.

The Best Products for Sensitive Skin

Sometimes children have sensitive skin, allergies, or other conditions such as eczema or forms of dermatitis. Additionally, harsh chemicals found in detergents may also increase the prevalence of nappy rash. Finding out whether your baby’s skin reacts to chemicals or perfumes found in standard washing powders and liquids may be a matter of trial and error.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of products that cater to skin sensitivities; among them are the brands Purity, Omo Sensitive, and Lux Flakes. Organic washing powder and liquid brands are popular with some parents, as are fragrance-free or unscented options. Many veteran mothers also swear by vinegar as a natural fabric softener.

Bacteria and Germs

Babies bring with them whole new level of soiling and staining, particularly if parents opt for cloth nappies. Items of clothing that are very heavily soiled should be washed separately to avoid the transference of stains onto other items of clothing. A washing temperature above 60 degrees Celsius is recommended for heavily soiled items if the fabrics allow for it, and you may wish to add a disinfectant as well.

Special Fabrics

While most children’s clothing items are durable and contain similar fabrics to adult clothing, occasionally parents are left wondering how to care for a lovingly hand-knitted garment made of delicate wool. When dealing with delicate fabrics, read the garment label carefully: if the items are not suitable for machine-washing, wash them by hand or dry-clean as per the label’s instructions.

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