Keep Up The Freshness In Your Fridge

If it seems like the food in your refrigerator isn’t staying as fresh as it once did, there’s a chance your appliance could use a tune-up. Often as refrigerators age, their fans and other parts begin to wear out, causing poor air circulation inside of your fridge. Without adequate airflow, the chilling effects of your refrigerator won’t reach everything inside, which leads to faster spoilage.

Sometimes, though, the problem isn’t with your refrigerator’s parts, but rather, with what’s inside of it. The way you arrange your food inside of your refrigerator can make all of the difference between having fresh, delicious food and produce, dairy products and eggs that spoil quickly.

Keep the following tips in mind to preserve the freshness of your food.

1. Don’t overcrowd. For airflow to reach everything inside of your fridge, there needs to be space between items to allow the air to move. Empty your fridge frequently and discard things you no longer need to keep things roomier inside.

2. Find your vents. Look inside of your refrigerator and find the vents, the openings where the cool air enters the fridge’s interior. Every refrigerator will have at least one vent, and it’s vital that you don’t block these openings with tall bottles or other food.

3. Keep everything in its place. Your refrigerator has different storage solutions for a reason; different types of food need different types of storage. Produce should always be kept inside of the crisper, which controls humidity to keep it from turning quickly. Milk and other dairy products should never be stored on the door of your fridge, where they will be the most exposed to temperature fluctuations from opening and closing the appliance. Eggs keep best when they’re stored in their original containers.

After trying the above tips, if your refrigerator’s performance doesn’t seem to improve, contact us at Matic Service. We can give your refrigerator a checkup and determine if it needs minor repairs or something more serious to get it back into top form.