Make Sure Your Refrigerator Seal is Doing its Job

If you’ve noticed that your refrigerator door doesn’t close properly, it might be worth your while to investigate the door seal. A faulty fridge seal allows warm air to invade the refrigerator’s main compartment, whilst letting the cold air escape.

There are several negative effects that result from faulty refrigerator seals. Your fridge’s temperature could rise or fluctuate, causing your food to spoil quickly and form problematic condensation. Mould may grow on the inside or outside of your fridge, which can cause concerns for your family’s health.

When the refrigerator is closed, the temperature should generally remain constant, with occasional help from the compressor. The compressor is located at the back of your refrigerator. When the compressor is working, the exhaust fan will also run. If your fridge seal is not doing its job, you might notice that your compressor is working overtime to compensate for fluctuating temperatures. This will result in higher energy consumption, which in turn increases your electricity bills. In some cases, fridge repair might be necessary to ensure your fridge remains in good working condition.

You can check the efficacy of a refrigerator seal yourself. The seal is easily recognisable – filling the space between the door and the frame of your fridge, it is made of rubber, and might be grey, black, or white. The fridge seal is sometimes fortified with magnets and fastened with screws on the door of your refrigerator. Clips or an adhesive may also be used to attach the seal to the door.

When inspecting your door seal, you might notice cracks, a hard, inflexible consistency, or condensation. Open your fridge, place a $5 bill in the gap and close the door over the top of it. Try to remove the $5 note. It should be difficult to remove due to the suction power of the door seal against your fridge. You should use the note to test the suction power on the top and bottom edges and at various locations on both sides of the refrigerator door.

Should your seal need replacing, our expert technicians’ service and install the correct seal for your refrigerator model. Gasket sizes and mechanisms vary according to the manufacturer and size of the appliance. After installing the new seal, any gaps should be closed and repaired.

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