Oven Repairs that Last – What to Look For In a Repair Service

As home appliances go, your oven is the critical centrepiece of your kitchen. Without it, baking and roasting become impossible and make home-made meals a struggle. An oven has a few key components, and if they break or malfunction, can render the appliance useless.

Can you perform an oven repair yourself? It depends on the problem.

Simple issues with the door or dials can be done if you’re handy with repairs and you can carefully follow instructions. However, it is highly recommended calling in the professionals when complex issues occur. To choose the right service, here are four helpful tips to get your oven back to operation:

1. Look for experience
There are hundreds of different makes and models of ovens, so the more experience your repair company has with oven repair, the better. Appliance repair is competitive, so the service providers that have stood the test of time will have proven their quality. Look for firms with a minimum of several years’ experience under their belt servicing appliances.

It is also worthwhile to choose a company specialised in your particular make of oven. For example, if you’ve got a Bosch oven, choosing a Bosch repair specialist will ensure a speedy service, especially if new parts need to be ordered.

2. Look for qualifications
Repairing ovens and other complex kitchen appliances isn’t an easy task. It’s a skilled job that requires the company performing the repair to know their stuff. You don’t want to risk something going wrong: permanent damage to the oven, or worse, electric shock. What qualifications does your prospective repair firm boast? At a minimum, you should be looking for providers who are factory trained technicians, qualified electricians, or gas appliance repairers.

3. Look for happy customers
This is perhaps the best indicator of a quality oven repair service. Can you see evidence of satisfied, happy customers, speaking positively about the service? Check their website for testimonials, and any relevant review sites for comments and ratings.

4. Look for proof that they know their stuff
Finally, have a browse around their website. Do you feel comfortable leaving your expensive equipment in their hands? Do they use the terminology you’d expect? Do they come over as appliance repair experts? If in doubt, give them a call to see how confident they are in handling your request.

With over 50 years of experience of servicing appliances, our Matic Service technicians are the experts when it comes to oven repair. We are also the preferred agent for many extended warranty groups. To book an oven repair service, give our friendly service representatives a call on (02) 9709 6188.