6 Common Problems with Cooktops and Stoves

Cooktops are a welcomed convenience for those busy cooks because they cook food faster, more evenly and thoroughly than most other cooking methods, even stoves. Cooktops are also attractive kitchen appliances because of their sleek smooth finishes. With a combination of a cooktop and a high quality stove, cooks can prepare meals in less time overall. However, that benefit doesn’t come without its own challenges, especially when the stove and cooktop require repairs. Here are 6 common but curable problems often found with cooktops and stoves:

1. Oven Doesn’t Turn Off

Although it doesn’t happen frequently, there are times when the oven won’t turn off for no obvious reason. The problem may be with the oven control board and the relays that control it. The power to turn on and off is connected to the oven control board relays and may stop working due to a short on the board. In the event this happens, the entire board may need replacing or the heating circuit may need a repair.

2. Fan Won’t Turn Off

A short may also be the problem here within the convection motor if the fan continues to run after the oven is turned off. To determine if this is the issue, remove and inspect the convection motor for damage by using an Ohm meter. If there is a shorted convection motor, the entire part will have to be replaced because this is not a repairable item. It’s best to have a professional repair person to come out and verify any issues with the unit and to also replace any parts.

3. Ignition Switch Defective

It is a common problem with some units to have a burner that won’t spark when it’s turned on.  If the unit creates a spark when one burner is turned on but not when anther is, the problem is usually with the spark ignition switch and is easily repaired. The repair can be done by the homeowner or preferably by a professional who can also check the unit thoroughly to ensure that there are no other underlying issues that would cause the switch to lose power.

4. Element Won’t Work

Start first by checking the element with an Ohm meter to determine if it is in working condition. You can also swap it with another burner of the same size to see if there are any issues. If it does work, the burner is good and the problem will likely be within the receptacle or the switch.

5. High Heat Element

The setting stays on high, regardless of its set point. A bad switch is going to be the cause of this issue if it goes straight to high when turned on since that is what controls the burner’s wattage that it receives.

6. Bad Indicator Light

If the light stays on constantly, one of the switches has gone bad. Determine which one by turning off the power to the cooktop and removing the switch’s pilot wire. If the power is turned back on and the light stays on, that switch is not the issue. You can perform this test on each one until it is determined which one is defective.