Servicing Your Oven Ahead of Schedule



Image credit: photosteve101 via Flickr

We keep maintenance schedules of everything in our lives: doctor and dentist appointments, hair appointments, car maintenance… even our pets have a maintenance schedule! It’s a good way to check on things before they need attention, rather than addressing them when they break down. But what about the things like our dishwasher, ovens or refrigerators that we sometimes don’t think about that need maintenance?


Ovens, like all other household appliances, have moving parts on them. On occasion, these moving parts will either wear out or stop working and you will need to replace them. If you’ve ever been inconvenienced with your stove suddenly deciding to stop working, then you know how frustrating that can be.


The solution?


Have your oven serviced and maintained on a routine schedule.


The average household uses the oven on a daily basis. It’s not all that unusual to use it several times a day if you have a very busy home. If your oven is being used multiple times throughout the day, it’s important that your oven does not stop operating – especially for a critical event such as a birthday or Christmas party.


Why service?


Using the oven frequently causes a normal buildup of grease, and food particles can sometimes get trapped in small places. Some of the visible items you can certainly remove yourself, but it’s hard to get to those hard to reach places. And that’s where the problems can occur.


You may start to notice that your gas oven emits a burning smell or smokes up the room when it’s turned on. There may be trapped food particles underneath the grates inside the oven that you can’t reach. Or perhaps the burners on the top of the stove are taking longer than usual to come on when you turn the switch. The gas lines may be trapped with old sludgy grease that the gas has to burn through in order to come on.


All of these problems can be solved through a service call where our technician will go through a checklist of things to make sure that everything is working properly. Your owner’s manual will offer you a suggested service schedule for your oven.

If you think you may need to service your oven sooner than scheduled, contact us on 9709 6188.