When an Electric Oven Won’t Heat: 8 Common Trouble Areas

An electric oven that doesn’t heat at all or heats very poorly can be very frustrating when you’re trying to prepare a delicious oven-baked meal. There are a large number of reasons why your electric oven might not be heating properly. Here are eight of the most common trouble areas:

Bake and Boil Elements

Electric ovens commonly have heating elements in the form of black tubes for baking and boiling on the upper and lower surfaces of the appliance. They glow red when they are hot. You may notice a hole in the baking or broiling elements, blistering along the outside, or it may appear burned out.

NOTE: Before you inspect a heating element, ensure that it has cooled down sufficiently.

Oven Door Seals 

If the oven door is not sealing correctly, heat may escape from your electric oven. Check the gasket around the edges, looking for tears, gaps, or rips. If you detect a problem with the seal, you may need to have it replaced.

Oven Clock

Some newer model ovens have digital clocks that require setting before the oven will function properly. If you’ve experienced a power outage, try resetting the oven clock. Older model ovens with mechanical clock timers sometimes have an auto setting, which could prevent your oven from starting when triggered accidentally.

Power Supply

Electric ovens manufactured in Australia operate on a current between 230 and 240 volts. If there is a problem with your power supply, this could prevent your oven from heating.

Loose Wires

Wires that supply electricity to the baking element for heating can become burnt or broken. Loose wires might affect your oven’s ability to heat, and if the wire is damaged, your oven may not heat at all.


The thermostat helps to regulate the temperature at which your oven heats. If the thermostat is damaged or defective, your oven may heat poorly; you will need to have it replaced.

Thermal Fuse 

Thermal fuses are safety devices designed to protect ovens from damage or fire due to over-heating. If the thermal fuse has blown, it might need resetting or replacing.

Control Board

Circuit boards control some ovens by sending voltage to the heating elements in relation to what heat settings have been chosen. In the event that the control board is faulty, it will need repairs or replacement.

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