Popular Features of Range Hoods

If you’re in the market for a new range hood, you’ll have a lot of options from which to choose. Many models have special features that are appealing to homeowners. Here’s a rundown of some of most popular ones:

  • Halogen lights serve as an additional source of illumination in kitchens and make it easier to see when you’re working at the stove.
  • Nightlights provide soft illumination to increase visibility at night.
  • Heat sensors monitor temperature levels around the stove and automatically increase and reduce the speed of the fan to provide proper ventilation in all types of conditions.
  • Quiet operation reduces noise and makes conversation easier in the kitchen.
  • Automatic shutoff turns off the range hood after a set period of time. This helps to conserve energy.
  • Self-cleaning range hoods have the ability to remove some of the build-up inside of their filters. This cuts down on the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Electronic controls make range hoods easier to set and operate. These are now standard in most quality range hoods.
  • Filter change indicator lights illuminate when the filter requires changing. This ensures that you never forget to change the filter when it’s needed.

As you shop for range hoods, keep in mind that any additional features in appliances increase the likelihood for a model to require maintenance and repairs. Matic Service is highly experienced in repairing range hoods with the latest features, so keep us in mind after you make your purchase.