Should I Get a Top Loader or a Front Loader Washing Machine?

When you’re in the market for a new washing machine, you will be confronted by an important choice: whether to buy a top or front loading machine. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Read on to discover which type of washing machine is ideal for your requirements.

Front Loading Washing Machines

Efficient and practical, front loaders have the door and all controls located on the front-facing side of the machine.

The advantages of a front loading washing machine are extensive. They are usually compact, they use much less water and energy than their top-loading counterparts, and they reduce wear and tear on machine parts. They are also kinder to your items of clothing, with a more gentle spin setting.

However, people suffering from back injuries may find loading and unloading clothes into the front loader cumbersome, as kneeling or bending is usually required.  Additionally, a typical cycle takes considerably longer in a front loader washing machine, sometimes up to 40 minutes longer.

Top Loading Washing Machines

In contrast to the front-loading machine, top loaders have a door that opens and closes on the top side of the machine. All the control dials are located on the rear edge of the top side, just behind the door. These machines are usually larger than front-loaders, and the door and buttons are located at a comfortable height for most adults.

Loading and unloading clothes from a top-loading washing machine is significantly easier and doesn’t involve bending or kneeling in front of the machine. The duration of a typical cycle is shorter than for a front-loader. Additionally, if you’ve forgotten to add an item of clothing, opening the door on a front loader at any time during the cycle will not affect operation; so extra items can be added at any time.

Top loading machines use more water than front loaders, and some models can become unbalanced while the machine is agitating. Once the user redistributes the load of clothing evenly, the machine functions normally again. The agitator on a top loader is not as gentle as the front-loading variety, which means that wear and tear on clothing from the machine cycle may be greater.

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