Should I Go For Fridge Repairs or Replace It?

After breaking down for the umpteenth time, you may start wondering whether you should pay for fridge repairs yet again or break the bank to pay for a new fridge. However, before making up your mind in haste, read on to discover when it may be best to repair your fridge and when it may be ideal to replace it.

When to Consider Fridge Repairs

If your fridge fulfills these conditions, it is best that you ship it off for fridge repairs:

  • If the fridge and/or the problem it exhibits are covered by the warranty.
  • If the machine has enough service years in it, which is 15 to 19 years on an average.
  • If the repair costs are less than 50% of the price of a new fridge.
  • If the fridge is difficult to remove or dispose of. (This can be the case of some older models)
  • If you have a soft corner for your fridge and enjoy using the same model.

When to Consider Buying a Replacement

If your fridge doesn’t fulfill any of the fridge repairs criteria, make sure that it complies with the following so that you can buy a new one without your conscious nagging you:

  • If fridge repairs cost more than 50% of the cost of a new machine.
  • If the new fridge is more energy efficient; this means that your carbon footprint and energy costs will be less.
  • If a new model you like has a new technology you want to own or features that your old fridge didn’t have.
  • If finding replacement parts is getting harder and more expensive every time you haul your fridge to repairs.
  • If you simply want to buy a new fridge. After all, user comfort and preference is very important.

So, don’t drive yourself insane asking whether to buy or repair. Simply use these criteria and your problem will be solved.