The 3 most common washing machine problems

Whether you live alone or have a family to care for, any home knows the trouble a broken down washing machine can cause. While the basic functions of a washing machine are to fill, wash, drain and spin, when any of these simple functions fail in your washer, it seems havoc reigns. Clothes pile up, as does the cost of visiting the laundry mat (and to be honest there are better things to do at night or weekends that waiting for your washing to finish) but with Matic Service your washing machine can be repaired in no time.

With over 40 years experience in the washing machine repairs business, Matic Service knows how to repair just about every make and model of machine on the market. And because we understand the hassle a broken down washer can create, we aim to repair your washing machine as quickly as we can.

Over the years, we’ve noticed some common problems that cause your washing machine to refuse to work but the good news is, these issues can be solved by our friendly, efficient technicians. The three most common problems we encounter when called to repair a broken washing machine are:

  • The machine not filling up – this is often caused by either the water inlet screen being blocked or the timer or temperature selector being broken;
  • The machine not spinning – too many clothes (especially if they are bunched up) unbalances the spinner;
  • The clothes are still wet after spinning – sometimes caused by bunched up clothes but can also be caused by the motor coupler, motor pulley, tub bearing, belt or clutch.

The good news for you is that these problems can, in most cases, be carried out in your home very quickly. Occasionally, the problem is a little more serious and we need to take it back to the workshop. When this happens we can loan you a machine so you can keep on top of all that washing. The next time you need washing machine repairs, call the friendly and efficient Matic Service team to get you back on track.