The Importance of Keeping Your Lint Trap Clean

If you’ve spent your day washing and drying clothes, you’re probably not anxious to do much else when you’ve finished folding your last load; however, if you skip one little maintenance step, the consequences could be great.

To protect your dryer and your entire home, it’s important that you take the time clean the lint trap inside of your dryer on a regular basis. For best results, you should remove it completely from the dryer, wash it with a mild soap and water and then towel it dry before replacing it.

When you run your dryer, wet air is pulled from the inside. Particles from clothing, residues from dryer sheets and other materials are trapped by the filter or lint trap, and then the air is vented to the outside. When you allow debris to remain on the mesh screen in the lint trap, you make it more difficult for air to escape from the dryer. This leads to poor performance and can cause your dryer to wear out prematurely.

If allowed to collect in the filter for months or years, the lint inside of the dryer can actually catch fire. The fire often blazes inside of the dryer undetected and can quickly spread when an unsuspecting person opens the door.

Just by taking a few extra minutes to thoroughly clean your lint trap, you can help keep your dryer in good working order and decrease your risk of fire. You should also have your dryer vents checked every two years or if you notice a change in your dryer’s performance. To schedule an appointment for a dryer vent check, give us a call here at Matic Service today.