Things You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Washing Machine

While it’s true that no appliance will last forever, many people unknowingly shorten the lives of their washers. Often, when we’re called out for washing machine repairs, we see problems that could have been avoided if homeowners just knew some basic tips for protecting their washing machines.

Here’s a few of the secrets that can help keep your washing machine running smoothly long after its manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

- Use hot water sparingly. The latest washing machines are designed to get clothes spotless with lukewarm or cold water. Using hot water when it’s unnecessary not only adds to your energy costs, but it can also cause lime and other minerals to build up in your washing machine.

- Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. The product manuals that come with washing machines detail how best to care for the appliances. Most machines benefit from running a maintenance cycle periodically. To ensure that your washer continues to function optimally, set a reminder to do the maintenance in your email calendar or on your cell phone. This way, you’ll never miss a cycle.

- Wash larger loads. If you’re constantly using your washer to do many small loads of laundry, you’re causing excessive wear and tear on your washing machine and wasting water. When you can, let your laundry accumulate into medium to large-sized loads.

- Unplug your washing machine when you’re finished using it. Leaving your washing machine plugged in puts it at risk for damage if a power surge occurs due to a storm. Also, even though the washer is turned off, power will continue to flow into the unit, which adds to your monthly energy bills.

- Schedule a washing machine checkup every two years. Professionals can often find problems with washers before they become serious and lead to costly repairs. The hoses in most washing machines require replacing every other year as well, and this can be quickly done during a checkup visit.

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