If you’re preparing for a remodelling or building a new home, you’re likely thinking about the “fun” items of your kitchen, such as the colour of the paint, the type of appliances and the look of your new cabinets. Choosing the right rangehood usually doesn’t rank highly with homeowners, but the truth is that the health and safety of your family depend on making the right decision because rangehoods determine the quality of the air you breathe.

The main choice you’ll need to make when selecting a rangehood is whether you’ll be using a vented or a non-vented model. The difference is that vented rangehoods transport air outside through a vent, while ventless models simply clean the air and then release it back into the kitchen.

Which type you choose will depend on three factors:

1. Design of your home. In the majority of homes, it is possible to add a vented rangehood, but in a small minority, the position of the kitchen and the stove make it impossible. Talk with your contractor to be sure that a vented rangehood can be installed safely in your home.

2. Cost. Adding an exterior vent in a kitchen where the stove is located near an outside wall is rather easy and generally inexpensive; however, if your stove is in the centre of the room or along an inside wall or if your kitchen is located in the middle of your home, your contractor will have to run a vent through your ceiling. This can be expensive and may not fit into your budget.

3. Your lifestyle. If cost and design don’t eliminate the possibility of a vented rangehood, the last thing you’ll need to take into consideration is your lifestyle. Those who often fry or frequently use the stove are best served with a vented rangehood. If you only cook occasionally or typically use the microwave or oven, a ductless rangehood may be adequate. Also, vented rangehoods are preferable in the homes of people with severe allergies, asthma or other respiratory disorders.

Remember that even the finest quality vented or ductless rangehood will require regular maintenance after installation. As experts in rangehood repairs, our team at Matic Service is available to assist you long after the purchase of your rangehood to ensure that the appliance continues to perform well for years to come.