Tips for Caring for Your Ice Maker

One of the number one reasons for refrigerator service calls is problematic ice makers. While the ice maker in your fridge is far more convenient than filling ice cube trays, when it becomes damaged or its parts are worn, it can lead to hassles that will require refrigerator repairs. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to keep your ice maker in good working order.

- Check your water softener regularly. A common cause of ice maker troubles is chemicals from water softeners. If your water softener leaks or malfunctions, excessive amounts of the chemicals can come in contact with the parts in your ice maker, causing major damage.

- Keep water pressure within safe levels. If the water pressure is too high, your ice maker can become worn out prematurely. Each ice maker’s specifications are slightly different, so consult your owner’s manual for the ideal operating pressure for your model.

- Get large batches of ice from inside the freezer. When you need more than a handful of cubes, open the door and retrieve the ice from the tray. The ice maker is only intended to dispense a limited number of cubes at one time and running it for longer periods of time can cause the motor to wear out.

- Keep your ice maker clean. At least once per month, remove the ice bin and thoroughly clean it and the ice maker. Chip off any build-up of ice that accumulates in and around the ice maker.

- Discard ice frequently. If you don’t use up the ice in the bin quickly, it can freeze together and cause damage to the dispenser. Also, ice that is allowed to linger for too long in the bin can develop a poor taste, so it’s smart to discard unused ice on a weekly basis.

- Change the filter in your water dispenser according to schedule. This prevents dirt from accumulating inside and helps to keep your water and ice tasting great.

- Turn off the ice maker while traveling. Never allow your ice maker to run when you’ll be away from home for longer than overnight. This helps prevent excessive wear and tear.

- If you notice a problem, such as strange new noises or poor performance, have your ice maker serviced promptly. Call us here at Matic Service at the first sign of a problem.