Top Reasons Why Your Rangehood Is Important

Occasionally when we’re called out to homes to perform repairs on stoves, homeowners ask the members of our Matic Service team whether or not it’s necessary to run their rangehoods every time they cook. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your rangehood running while you’re cooking, and so to help make it more clear why a rangehood is a necessity, we’ve compiled this list of the top reasons why a rangehood is important.

1. Rangehoods improve the air quality in your home. Cooking on a stove releases many invisible particles in the air and can even cause a kitchen to fill with smoke. Without a rangehood, the particles and smoke stay trapped inside and can cause health problems for those with allergies and respiratory issues.

2. Rangehoods make your kitchen safer. Carbon monoxide and radon are often emitted in low levels by materials in your kitchen, and your rangehood helps to remove these harmful gases. The rangehood also eliminates carcinogens emitted into the air during cooking.

3. Rangehoods can help lower your energy bills during the summer. The heat from your stove doesn’t just cook your food; some of it also escapes and heats the air in your kitchen. When you don’t run your range fan, the temperature in your kitchen can increase and cause your air conditioner to run more, resulting in higher energy bills.

To offer real benefits, your rangehood must be in good working order. If you haven’t used it in some time or you’re concerned about its performance, contact us here at Matic Service. We’ll come out and give your rangehood a check-up to make sure it’s adequately venting hot air, toxins and pollutants from your kitchen.