Washing Machines: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

The basic premise of a washing machine is simple. Soiled clothes are placed in the machine’s tub, water and detergent are added and the clothes are pulled through this mixture by means of some form of agitator.

After a period of constant agitation and rinsing, the dirt goes merrily down the drain, leaving immaculately clean clothes that are ready for the dryer. While this is a far cry from the centuries-ago process of beating the dirty clothes against a large rock in a stream, the principle is the same.

The big difference between historical clothes washing and now is the mechanical agitation. When this doesn’t work, washing machine repairs are required. Otherwise the person in charge of washing the family’s clothes may as well be pounding them against a rock.

When a lack of agitation turns to severe aggravation, it may be time to call Matic Service for washing machine repairs. We’ve been around for 45 years and in that time, we’ve made thousands of washing machine repairs.

Common Washing Machine Repairs
There are several elements of a washing machine that can require repair.

• The controls – timer, cycle selector mechanism, water temperature selector, load selector and start button – can malfunction and require expert attention.

• The machine itself, which includes the motor, transmission, clutch, pump, agitator, inner tube, outer tube and water inlet valve, can break or wear out.

Any of these parts can cause the dreaded silence that suggests that washing machine repairs are needed. When this happens, Matic Systems can quickly and efficiently dispatch a trained technition to complete the repairs on the premises. If the machine requires removal, a loan machine can be supplied until the repairs are completed. However, if the machine is too old or otherwise beyond repair, we specialize in the following brands of machines:

• Miele
• Bosch
• Ariston
• Hoover
• Simpson
• LG

Let Us Help You Get the Dirt Out
One seldom notices a washing machine until it’s broken. When this happens, contact Matic Systems. Simply click on CONTACT US or call (02) 9709 6188.