3 Reasons Your Clothes Smell… even after a wash!

Probably the most used appliance in any home is the washing machine. Coming in at a close second is likely the dishwasher, but the washing machine is an appliance that often gets used multiple times a day. If you wear and change your clothes daily, you’re also probably using your machine just as much.

With that much use, you may sometimes notice a slight odour coming from the machine or even a buildup on the clothes. These issues can be a result of several problems that are going on.

Clothes on Clothes Line

Image credit: Steven Lilley via Flickr

1. Buildup

Detergent and fabric softener do wonders to make our clothes clean, but they can also leave an annoying buildup that’s hard to erase. This soap scum build-up catches the dirt and other particles that come off of your clothes. It sticks to the slimy soap scum and then settles into the machine. As the machine continues to wash and vibrate over a period of time, that same trapped junk that’s in the soap scum is shaken loose and washed right back into your clothes.

2. Hot Water

Particular loads of clothes need to be washed in certain water temperatures. But ordinarily, washing clothes at a temperature higher than 60 degrees is preferable because it kills bacteria and any mould growing inside. Live bacteria left in your washing machine causes a build up which can result in an offensive odour and also infect other wash loads.

3. Hard Water

As annoying as it is unsightly, limescale is a problem in hard water areas, which can also cause problems with your washing machine’s operation. Limescale can build up rapidly on pipes, inside the machine or anywhere where water settles. This hard, chalky, white residue makes it more likely for your machine to have problems and break down more frequently.

So how can you avoid or get rid of these problems all together?

Make sure that you wash your clothes in hot water whenever feasible and practical. This will kill any standing, unseen bacteria in the tub. This will also help to loosen any standing soap scum that’s trapped in the drainage drum.

Fill up your machine with hot water and a cup of white household vinegar. Don’t add any clothes to the machine. Let it sit for about 30 minutes and then let the machine finish the rest of its cycle.

Do this at least once a week until you see any problems diminishing. This will help eliminate any odours and stains on the drum. If you still notice strange smells, contact our technicians on 9709 6188 to schedule a service.