Should I Buy a Combined Washer/Dryer or Separate Machines?

Combo washing and drying machines have come a long way since the invention of the first combo unit by General Electric in 1954. Modern dual washer/dryer units are now compact, efficient, and offer similar functionality to their separate counterparts; however the technology also comes with some drawbacks.

How Dual Washing/Drying Machines Work

Popular in households with confined spaces, combo washer/dryer machines are mostly front-loading washing machines that feature a ventless condensation-based drying mechanism. This drying process slowly evaporates moisture from the clothing once the washing cycle is complete.

Advantages of a Combo Washer/Dryer

Combo system owners report that the space saved in a small room is the most significant advantage when choosing a washer/dryer combo. Most combination machines are the same size as a regular front-loading washing machine, yet they perform both functions in one operation. Less work is required by the user as the clothes do not have to be transferred to a second machine before they can dry. The washing cycles on combo washer/dryers are often very energy and water-efficient.

Disadvantages of a Combo Washing Machine/Dryer

Some consumers report that the combination machine takes a very long time to dry clothes, due to the condensation drying mechanism. The drying capacity of combo washers/dryers is significantly less than the machine’s washing capacity. A large load of washing could take between three and four hours to dry. Additionally, the amount of water used during the machine’s drying cycle is substantial, so that the dryer alone may increase your water consumption bill.

Advantages of Having Separate Machines

Users and industry professionals report that separate washing machines and dryers are more efficient, faster, and less likely to break down. They can be run simultaneously, thus saving time if you have multiple loads of clothing to wash and dry.

If enough space is available to have individual units, users may find that the entire process with two separate machines takes less time and uses less electricity and water.

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