Why Does My Dryer Take So Long to Dry?

The time it takes to dry your clothes in the tumble dryer can vary according to how large the garment load is, what types of fabrics are drying, and what heat cycle you choose. Owners of tumble dryers indicate that the average load takes around 45-50 minutes to dry on a medium heat setting.

If you have noticed that your clothes dryer is taking an unusually long time to get the job done, here are two common troubleshooting tips to save you energy, time, and money.

1. Check the Vent and Pipe

Dryers contain air vents that sometimes become blocked with lint. Check to see if the lint screen contains residue, and clean off if necessary. You can wash the lint screen with water and soap and dry it according to the user manual’s instructions.

If you want to check that the air is flowing through the vents, run the dryer for a few minutes and place your hand over the vent. If you can’t feel a stream of air, your vent may be clogged, or the pipe may be damaged. You might also need to check that the outside vent hood is clean and clear.

If the ventilation system behind your dryer appears to be tangled or obstructed, talk to a professional appliance repairs specialist about safely installing and mounting your dryer and its components.

2. Environment and Settings

If your dryer is located in a very cold room, this could affect the drying speed of your clothes. Have a look at the selected speed and heat settings to make sure that you haven’t chosen a low heat setting by mistake.

Clothing loads that are very wet or heavy will need additional time to dry completely. The clothes should have enough room to tumble freely in the dryer. Try not to overload your dryer, and avoid combining heavy fabrics together with very light ones.

If you’re still not sure why your dryer is taking too long to dry clothes, call Matic Service on (02) 9709 6188 to ask for a professional dryer repairs.