What is a High Efficiency Washing Machine?

When we’re onsite performing washing machine repairs and other types of appliance repairs, we often receive questions from homeowners about the latest innovations in new washers and dryers. One question that we receive a lot is just what a high efficiency washing machine is.

A high-efficiency or HE washer is specially designed to conserve water. Most HE washers use about 40 percent less water than their traditional counterparts. When HE washers first emerged on the scene, they were available mainly in front-loading styles, but now, more and more manufacturers have added HE top-loading washers to their collections.

To compensate for using less water, HE washers spin clothes at a much faster speed, which helps to loosen dirt and other particulates from fabrics. Most require the use of special HE detergents designed to produce extra lather without a lot of water with which to mix. Most stores now carry HE detergents from a wide selection of brands.

HE washers are eco-friendly and can also lower the cost of your water bills. The size of the savings that your household will enjoy from switching to an HE washing machine will depend upon how many loads of laundry you do per week. Because HE washing machines spin at faster speeds, they cut down on drying time, which will also save you money on your energy bills.

There are a few drawbacks to purchasing HE washing machines that you should keep in mind. The extra fast spinning makes it more likely that clothes will become tangled in the drum, and some HE models are noisier than standard machines. Also, HE washing machines have many extra parts that can malfunction and break down.

At Matic Service, we’re experienced with repairing and servicing HE washing machines and are always available to assist you with your high-efficiency washer. Keep us in mind for your washing machine repairs and routine service needs.